Kentucky-Tennessee District of Key Club International
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2021 K-T DCON Award Winners

Congratulations and thanks to all of the clubs and members of the Kentucky-Tennessee Key Club District for your heroic service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks also for your perseverance, hard work, creativity, adaptability, and enthusiasm that has kept Key Club active this past year.
We celebrated our year of service at last weekend’s virtual district convention where the following clubs and individuals were recognized.


Diamond Level Distinguished Clubs
Boyd County
Sullivan North

Distinguished Clubs

Achievement Awards Platinum Division
1st  Place          duPont Manual
2nd Place          Bearden

Achievement Awards Silver Division
1st  Place          Maryville
2nd Place          Volunteer

Achievement Awards Bronze Division
1st  Place          Boyd County
2nd Place          Sullivan North
3rd  Place         Ridgeland

Single Service Awards Platinum
1st  Place          duPont Manual

Single Service Awards Silver
1st  Place          L&N STEM Academy
2nd Place          Volunteer

Single Service Awards Bronze
1st  Place          Boyd County
2nd Place          Sullivan North

Major Emphasis Program (MEP) Award
1st  Place          duPont Manual

Most Outstanding Club in each Division
Division 1        LaVergne
Division 5A      Maryville
Division 7        Volunteer
Division 8        Boyd County
Division 10      Henry Clay
Division 12      duPont Manual
Division 15      Clarksville HS

Digital Poster Awards
1st  Place          Volunteer
2nd Place          Franklin County

Non-Digital Poster Awards
1st  Place          Volunteer
2nd Place          Sullivan North
3rd Place          Elizabethton

Scrapbook Awards
1st  Place          Franklin County
2nd Place          duPont Manual

Kiwanis Family Award
Franklin County

Ronald McDonald House Awards
-Club Fundraising
1st  Place                      Bearden
2nd Place                      Elizabethton

-Club Service Award
1st  Place                 duPont Manual
2nd Place                      Bearden

-Individual Service
Warren Van Nort        duPont Manual

-Pop Tabs
1st  Place                      Maryville
2nd Place                      Sullivan North
3rd Place                      Fulton

Best All Around Key Clubber of the District
Daley Culberson          Ridgeland

Most Outstanding Key Clubber of the District
Emily Ross                   Boyd County  

Most Outstanding Key Clubber of the Division
Division 5A      Helen Kiser                  Maryville
Division 5B      Harlee Taylor              Cosby
    Division 6        Elizabeth Melton        J. Frank White Academy
Division 7        Cara Murray                Daniel Boone
Division 8        Emily Ross                   Boyd County
Division 9        Olivia Young                Madison Central
Division 12      Vy Pham                      duPont Manual
Division 14      Beatriz Antunes          South Warren
Division 15      Rianne Brown             Rossview

Andy Hutson Scholarship Award (Presented by the Northside Knoxville Kiwanis Club)
Anna Hutchinson        Bearden

Ira R. Gladson Scholarship of Excellence (Presented by the K-T District Kiwanis Foundation)
Nathan Nelson            Farragut

Kentucky-Tennessee Kiwanis District Foundation Scholarships
Madeline Maben        L&N STEM Academy
Jordan Richardson      David Crockett

Rondal D. Hart Outstanding Key Club President Award
Jayde Snyder               Franklin County

Outstanding Key Club Secretary Award
Avery Huang               duPont Manual

Impromptu Essay Contest
1st  Place          Henry Chen                 Maryville
2nd Place          Vivian Ma                    Rossview
3rd  Place         Annabelle Nelms         Daniel Boone

Talent Contest
1st  Place          Vivian Ma                    Rossview
2nd Place          Volunteer HS Key Club Dance Crew
3rd  Place         Madeline Maben        L&N STEM Academy

Outstanding Faculty Advisor
Shelli Wilburn             Boyd County

Outstanding Faculty Advisor
William Henry             Maryville

Dues on Time Awards
Bourbon County
Boyd County
Cherokee Comprehensive
Clarksville HS
Clayton-Bradley Academy
duPont Manual
Hopkins County Central
Hopkinsville HS
L&N STEM Academy
St. Frances DeSales
Sullivan North
Sullivan South
University Heights Academy (Hopkinsville, KY)
University School (Johnson City, TN)

Jim Boodry Leadership Award
Lexi Evans                   Community HS

Keith Ashby Outstanding Lt. Governor Award
Jordan Richardson      David Crockett

Governor’s Service Awards
LeAnn Khong               Frederick Douglass
Jackson Trotter           Clarksville Academy