Kentucky-Tennessee District of Key Club International
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Division 15 July Newsletter 2018

Hello Key Clubbers!

I’m so very excited to say that ICON this year was amazing! I hope more of you can make it next year, and if you have any questions about my experience feel free to email me and ask!

In this Newsletter, I cover my ICON experience, the Youth Opportunities Fund, Dollywood Fall Rally, and information on my upcoming Officer Training Meeting.

Club Advisors and Officers, if you have yet to do so please send me a list of your officers along with their contact information. I will need this to keep them updated on upcoming events and to send officer information about their roles in your clubs.

In this newsletter, I discussed the Sandy Nininger Award. If you are interested in awarding this to one of your members I will provide the link below.

And finally, as always, if you ever need to reach me you can contact me at:

(931) 801-2541 or

Brandon Walker
Division 15 Lieutenant Governor

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