Kentucky-Tennessee District of Key Club International
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May 2019 Newsletter

. 1- Who I am
. 2- District Project
. 3- Goals
. 4- Fundraising
. 5- Service Partners
. 6- Eliminate

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2019 ICON K-T Tour Information

Key Club ICON Logo

Don’t miss the 76th Annual Key Club International Convention, July 3-7, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland! Every summer Key Club International celebrates a year of service at the international convention. Join over 1600 students and advisors from all over the world in Chicago, Illinois, to introduce new programs, present awards to outstanding clubs, conduct the organization’s business, attend educational workshops, and elect international officers for the upcoming year.

The Kentucky-Tennessee Key Club District is sponsoring a tour (June 30 – July 7, 2019) to the convention. For details of the tour and information on how to register for the tour, check out the tour information and the registration form below.

2019 KT-Tour International Convention Registration Packet

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May 2019 Treasurer Newsletter

Hey everyone! It’s Akanee Angel, your K-T District Treasurer. This month’s newsletter covers some things we did for Eliminate Week, exam season tips, a super fun idea for fundraising, and general reminders for you all. I hope you all survive this busy time of year!

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Governor’s Newsletter: May 2019!

Hey K-T!

This month’s newsletter is short and sweet. Thank you all for your wonderful participation in ELIMINATE Week; you’re making a difference in people’s lives – never forget that!

In May’s newsletter, you will find a recap of the training conference I attended this month, as well as more pertinent information regarding ICON and Fall Rally. In addition, I also ask you all to forward your club’s new contact information to your Lieutenant Governors so we can ensure good communication.

That’s all the business for now. Best of luck on your exams, finals, all that good stuff! If you’re an underclassmen, remember that the best years of high school are yet to come, and if you’re a graduating senior, congrats and I wish you all the best in your future aspirations!

Oh, and if you’re a teacher, happy (late) Teacher Appreciation Week. We may not say it much, but we are forever grateful for you all and the work you do!

Yours in gratitude and service,
Ashley Song
K-T District Governor

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Pucker-Up for a CHALLENGE!

Today, May 8th, is ELEMONate Day!

We’re challenging Key Club members everywhere to eat part of a lemon! Take a video of you participating in the E-lemon-ate Challenge, make a donation to The Eliminate Project and challenge three other people!
(Think Ice Bucket Challenge, but much more sour and much less cold!)

You can find more information on Eliminate week here.

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