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Exciting Opportunities with Ronald McDonald House!!

I’m happy to finally pronounced, IT IS SUMMMER!!!!!!!! No more teachers, book work (unless you have summer projects), and more time with Netflix or Hulu. But since you have time with Netflix, you will even have more time with your clubs to scheduled visits with our Ronald McDonald House. My name is Keilah King and I am your Historian for this year. I will be giving you updated information about different ideas you can do with collaboration with Ronald McDonald House (RMH). A couple of unique projects your club can do is;
-** Donate pool accessories (toys, pool noodles, floats, etc.)
– **Create delicious summer treats
Beautification projects around the building
– **Do a Car Wash Fundraiser
– Donate supplies of the Wishlist
– Start your Pop-Tab Collection with your friends
– Begin creating Fleece blankets for the fall
***** Please be sure to contact Ronald McDonald House before attempting these ideas
WE WANT TO SEE YOUR WORK!!!!! Every member is an inspiration for each other. If you done any Ronald McDonald House projects and would like inspire your fellow Key Club members, please be free to email me @ I would love to spread the word to others!!!!!
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Executive Newsletter: Meet your 2018-19 KT District Board!

This month’s newsletter is a TRIPLE-THREAT! It is the Bulletin Editor, Secretary, and District Treasurer newsletters rolled into ONE! In this month’s issue, you’ll meet the entire board! Find out their hobbies and interests.

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District Historian June 2018 Newsletter

In this issue…

  • Summer is here!
  • Fund-raising ideas for the summer
  • Share your ideas!

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District Historian May 2018 Newsletter

In this edition…

  • A message from your new Historian
  • Summer Opportunities with Ronald McDonald House
  • Upcoming Events

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KT Governor’s May 2018 Newsletter

Hey KT!
When asked by your LTG, please also them to receive your contact information!

Almost time for ICON registration to be due!

Lets talk about Fall Rally

Wait! What our district project again?

Who are our service partners and preferred charities?

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