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2017 ICON K-T Tour Information


Don’t miss the 74th Annual Key Club International Convention, July 5-9, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. Every summer Key Club International celebrates a year of service at the international convention. Join over 1600 students and advisors from all over the world in San Antonio, Texas, to introduce new programs, present awards to outstanding clubs, conduct the organization’s business, attend educational workshops, and elect international officers for the upcoming year.

The Kentucky-Tennessee Key Club District is sponsoring a tour to the convention. For details of the tour and information on how to register for the tour, download the tour packet below.

K-T Tour to ICON – download it here! (663 KB)

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2017 Andy Hutson Award

Each year the Kentucky-Tennessee Key Club District recognizes Kiwanis Clubs who provide outstanding support to their Key Clubs with Kiwanis Sponsorship Awards. In addition, the Andy Hutson Award is presented to the most outstanding Key Club sponsor in the Kentucky-Tennessee District. To be considered for these awards your Kiwanis Club must complete the Andy Hutson Outstanding Key Club Sponsor nomination form (see link below). This form can be completed, printed and sent to Steve Phillips. The form can be submitted via US Mail, email, or fax. The fax number and addresses are on the nomination form.


The Andy Hutson Scholarship application

Thank you for all you do for Key Clubs and young people.

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Teacher Appreciation Day Competition

Tuesday, May 2 will be Teacher Appreciation Day.  This is a great opportunity for Key Club, Builder’s Club, and K-Kids Club members to honor teachers and show them how important they are to students and the school.

The Kentucky-Tennessee District of Kiwanis International will be holding a competition to recognize outstanding Teacher Appreciation efforts by Key Clubs, Builder’s Clubs, and K-Kids Clubs in the Kentucky-Tennessee District of Kiwanis International.

The club with the most outstanding Teacher Appreciation Programs will be awarded the following.
The best club effort in the district $100
The second best club effort in the district $50
The third best club effort in the district $25

Here is how you may wish to design your project
First go to the Kiwanis International web site to get ideas @

You might also go to Google to get project ideas.  See:

Your SLP club should plan something special for the Teacher Appreciation Day.
You can make cards for all the teachers in their school, deliver flowers to teachers, perform a skit for the teachers, or deliver written or singing telegrams.   This can also be a fund raiser and your club can contribute the money raised to your favorite charities. You can sell cards, telegrams, to fellow students and then you can deliver these to their teachers.  (Be sure that the student writes an appropriate message before you deliver it).

See if you can partner with various groups to thank your teachers –
Perhaps a local market will provide apples. You can shine and then deliver them to your teachers … and remember to give the market recognition for giving you the apples.

Check with a local flower shop to see if you can partner with them.

Check with your sponsoring Kiwanis club to see if they will partner with you.

Be creative … and keep track of what you do
Write down what you do and remember to take a photo and/or video with your smart phone.

If anyone comments favorably about your project, write out a direct quote.  Mayor Sam Smith of Littleton, Tennessee, said, “The Key Club members at the Littleton High School are to be commended for their outstanding Teacher Appreciation Project!”  Abe Appleman, Small County Judge Executive in Smallville, Kentucky said, “The K-Kids Club at the Smallville Elementary School did an outstanding job in their skit on Thursday when they thanked their teachers for helping them grow in character.”  Also ask your teachers and school principal (after your presentation) what they think about your project.  You will be able to use these quotes later when you write up your project.

Send your story and photos to your local newspaper after it is reviewed by your adviser.

When you send photos be sure to identify those who are in the photo (except photos with a large number of individuals) … and spell their names correctly.

Here is how you should enter your project into the Kentucky-Tennessee District of Kiwanis International “Teacher Appreciation Competition.”

Send your email entry, by Wednesday, May 10 to:

Dr. Glen Kleine, Public Relations Coordinator, Kentucky-Tennessee District

Include as much of the following as possible in your entry:

1. Name of the SLP Club entering the competition
2. Name of the individual entering the competition:  your contact information must include your address, phone and email.
3. Description of your Teacher Appreciation Day activities; your planning, execution, how many individuals were impacted by this project.
4. Copies of all stories and photos/videos published.  (Take a photo with your smart phone of the published items in your town or school newspaper).
5. Also send a stories and a few of your best photos/videos that you made, even if they were not published.
6. Tell about your special goals and the extent to which they were achieved.
7. Names of any special individuals recognized and why they were so recognized. (Perhaps your honored a long-time teacher or administrator … or a special older retired teacher).
8. Special mention of any individuals/groups that partnered with your SLP club.

We know that this announcement gives you a limited time to design your Teacher Appreciation Day activities, but Kiwanis International just announced that they will be promoting this effort.  So we in the K-T District are following up on this.  Best wishes for a successful project!

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2017-2018 K-T District Board Appointments

Well Kentucky-Tennessee District, I have some very exciting news! Our 2017-2018 District Projects Chair and Historian have been selected!

First I would like to thank everyone who submitted an application for either of these amazing positions! Every one of the applications turned in was very professional and of impressive quality. It was a very difficult decision to make. For those of you who were not selected this year, I highly encourage you to continue to work hard in your Key Club career and to apply again next year.

Now, the moment many of you have been waiting for. After countless hours of deliberation, and many long nights of hard thinking, I am very excited to announce that our new Historian is Minh Tran, and our new Projects Chair is Seth Clabough!

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2017-2018 District Appointments

Hello Kentucky-Tennessee District!

I hope everyone is having a successful and productive Key Club year, and that those who attended District Convention are rested up! I also hope that those of you who attended District Convention have brought many memories and ideas back to your home clubs. With all of this being said, I would now like to introduce myself.

I am Lauren Pike, a Key Clubber from LaFayette High School in Division 3 of our wonderful K-T District! This past weekend at District Convention, I had the AMAZING opportunity to run for Governor of the K-T District, and thanks to all of you I was elected to serve this year! I am very excited to serve in this position this year, and I look forward to being able to represent our district! As the year goes on, I would like each and every member to remember that I am ALWAYS available to talk about issues you feel should be addressed (should any arise), or if you would just like to chat, I am always open to that as well! Please do not hesitate to contact me at! I always love hearing from everyone!

Now, as my first order of business as Governor, I need to appoint a District Projects Chair and Historian. I believe the best way to go about this is by linking an application below and allowing any member to access and submit one should they wish. I hope many of you will submit applications and I look forward to selecting the new Historian and Projects Chair! However, if you chose to submit an application, please be sure to read through the time requirement and duties very carefully, as it is very important that you are able to attend every event and fulfill all of the duties. Because our first board meeting is quickly approaching I ask that all applications be emailed to me at by no later than 5pm eastern time on March 29, 2017.

Click here to view the application for District Historian Application
Click here to view the application for District Projects Chair Application

After I carefully consider each application I will then contact the people selected to serve in these positions. I look forward to receiving applications and hope you will all consider applying! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time at I check my email several times a day so you should have an answer fairly quickly.

Thank you all again for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your Governor this year, I cannot wait to see how we grow and learn together as a district!

Lauren Pike
K-T District Governor
Key Club International

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